ferus_lupus (ferus_lupus) wrote,

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“Hey Swirl(?) I'm still alive people, it's just that I haven't had access to a pc ever since I moved just due to certain circumstances I wasn't able to take the pc with me and with no pc means no internet and with no internet means no updating LiveJournal don't sound too disappointed. Anyways yeah like I said just moved in to a new place the mates cool it something I realized you know that whole living on the young bed it's just I'm used mac and cheese and rumin(?) rolls every night now and maybe be able to make 12 15 bucks straight for 2 weeks it's possible I've done it also means that I'd given up smoking as well so I guess in a good way has it worked anyways we extended this out there you know you can feel free to call or text me if you wanna know what my number is go to my my space it's on there look for Carl I'm still a little unsure about people on here so I hope to hear from you all don't leave any messages to this cause again I won't be able to check oh you can I can still check won't be able to reply anyways I'll talk to you later.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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