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Anyone that knows me knows the relationship that I share with my father. We don't alway see eye to eye on alot of things, but I respect the hell out of him. Let me give you a little history about him.

His name if Francis Froment, others know his as Sgt. Major Froment. See, he's been in the Army 29 years this December. 15 years active, 14 years in the Reserves. Several things I didn't know about him was this. He gave up so much when I was born though. He gave up one of his life dreams for me.. to go overseas to serve his country.

He's a simple man though, with simple goals.

His 3 Goals in Life

1. To get into the military.
2. To serve his country during a time of warfare.
3. To raise a family

That's it. There is nothing more or less to it. He gave up serving his country for me. Now, of course the obligations of father hood do that to you, but he didn't have to do it. He did though, and I don't know what it would be like to give up a life's dream, but he did. Well, 22 years later, he got his wish and he is now over in Iraq serving his country. I know alot of your opinions of Bush and this war, and all I have to say is fuck you.. no offense. To be honest, I have never been more proud of my father than I am now. Now, while that may not compensate for the loss' that we have suffered, he's living out his dream. In the shortest tense of the word, he is my hero because of what he has done for my siblings and I, and the fact that he would do it again in a heartbeat.

I respect the hell out of anyone that is over there, and I support our troops more than anyone else knows. That does include you Wayne and your ass better come back safe.

Come back safe Dad.
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