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Today, at 6:30 pm on February 11 2008, we lost a family member. His name was Korri Scott Katt. Yes, he was a cat and pet for us. He was my brother's cat for 12 years old and had lived a long, joyous and healthy life. I'm not going to go into details, but he went peacefully and around family.

Those that known Korri know that he was a lovable cat that until 2 years ago, was just as healthy as could be. He started losing weight and was diagnosed with blood parasites. He had a transfusion, but he lost ALOT of weight and never fully recovered. He was the only cat that I would spend 600 dollars on to get better.

If anyone out there thinks for one second that I shouldn't get teared up over "just a pet" can right now go to hell for all I care. I fail to see how anyone can say that animals do not have souls, but this cat did and I know right now that he is up in heaven, playing with a ball of yarn with my cats, TJ and Tazz whom I miss daily. You can see it in his eyes each and everyday you looked at him.

He was the last remnants of a life that was hanging by a thread, he was the last thing that we had that related us with the life before the divorce, when we were a family. In statement, I guess this is a closure, the finale to a life that has long past me by.

I'm thankful that I was around when he went though, cause I couldn't stand the thought of him dying alone, and I'm thankful for him to have been in my life for so long. Couldn't ask for a better, more loving pet. I miss you, Josh misses you, Michelle misses you, my mother misses you, and hell, even my father misses you and that means something. You were a loved cat, and you will be miss each and everyday and I know I will see you in heaven. Take care buddy.

I miss you and I love you Korri.
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This explains things better than a private blog entry and something told me it had to do with a furry friend. There's no way for this to sound harsh, but I was actually hoping that it had to do with an animal, in a way, just as long as it wasn't actual blood family.

Again, I'm home all day. <3