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I know that I haven't updated in a long ass time, and save for about 2 of you, you know nothing of my life at this point. I blame myself mostly, as I haven't been keeping you updated. It actually has been a hectic, but rewarding past couple of weeks.

I guess the biggest news that I need to share is this. I'm a MEPs trip and a few signed dotted lines away from joining the USAF. I know that I have been down that road before and y'all have heard me talk about it. Those times were just farces and I never really did anything with it. This time I took the ASVAB (95 GT score for those who want to know), signed a WHOLE lot of paperwork, consolidated my debts so I can pay them off when I get the signing bonus and a whole lot more stuff. Granted, I'm excited deep down in the pit of my stomach, but I can't shake this feeling of helplessness. It's a BIG step for someone to take to go Active Duty for 6 years. Living in dorms, on my own for the first time since the apartment and we all know how that turned out. I know everything will be fine. I'll miss ya guys for the first 7 weeks that I am at BMT. At Tech School though, I should have my computer up and running, or at least something of the sorts. I'll have someone post my Mailing Address up here just in case you guys want to write to me when I'm down at BMT. For all I know, it could be another 2-3 months before I am shipped out due to the fact that I'm more than likely going to have to wait for my job to be open. For those that want to know, I'm thinking about Air Traffic Control, Airborne Cryptology, Computer Programming (Software), Computer Programming (Hardware) or something along those lines. Everything is available to me because of my score and I actually want to apply it.

Secondly, and most importantly to me, my father was back in town for 3 days. He is back stateside for about 10 days, and goes back over to Iraq till September. It was great to see him back for the first time in 10 months. That wasn't the best part. The best part though was him seeing his grandson for the first time ever. He fell in love with that kid as everyone does, but for him it was different. Bryson took a liking to him right away which is something that he can't say for everyone. It was just a beautiful sight watching them walk side by side with Bryson holding his hand and walking with him. Even if everything didn't go as plan, it was great to see them together and my father was genuinely upset that he had to leave B, as I know I'm going to be.

Everything else that has happened is minute is comparison to these 2 events. Again, my apologies for keeping people out of the loop, I just wanted to get everything in line and in order before I let everyone know. I have made a reputation of sometimes making empty promises and I didn't want to do it here. That's all I think. Take care

Monkey. Out.
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